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Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon - buy with Capt Lui by email  R$ 9,90

e-Book (epub e kindle), English editon of the best-seller "Alvidia, Um Horizonte a Mais" published in Portuguese (2000). PLEASE INFORM THE FORMAT OF YOUR CHOICE, epub or kindle.


Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon - buy via AMAZON link - Kindle US$ 19.99 

Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon - buy via BARNES & NOBLE link  - ePub US$ 27.99 

Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon, Luis Peazê

REF: Alvida-ebook-eng
  • Synopsis

    Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon, by Luis Peazê, It is a different kind of adventure love story. It deals with the realization of a dream which became an inner adventure. Luís and Helga, an ordinary Brazilian couple embark on this frenzy trip of partnership which bumped into them out of the blue. Including a passage sharing a house with Bhagavan Das in Mill Valley, CA, an icon from the beatnik era who inspired Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Ram Das among many, Luís unfold a collection of encounters with people, places and circumstances feeding his search and endurance More>>> 

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